Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ek moan nog oor ek nie 'n Schengen-visa kan kry vir 'n Europese vakansie nie...

Toe gee die TNT Magazine my 'n trip deur Engeland vir hierdie foto.

Christine writes that Koba was more interested in the digital camera and was not aware the photo was being taken. As a result, the subject is relaxed, natural and Christine has been able to take time to compose carefully. The eyes are on the rule of thirds, the face fills the frame and the background is not distracting. The soft side light offers a wonderful tonal range that shows every detail from the delicate lines in the shirt to the lines in the woman’s face. Technically, it’s a portrait a professional would be proud of and Chrisitne’s work really shows the importance of getting a good rapport with your subject.
Christine wins a seven-day adventure of England, Wales and the Scottish Borders, valued at £149, from Haggis Britain.

Ha ha

(Uhm, wil iemand dit nie dalk by my koop vir £75 nie?)

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